Dental Treatment

We provide a full range of dental services:

  • regular examinations and cleaning
  • one visit crowns
  • amalgam removal
  • dentures
  • extractions
  • bridges
  • implants
  • tooth whitening
  • veneers

Safe Amalgam Removal

Dr Kluge is  SMART-certified by the IAOMT and practices Safe Amalgam Removal.
Dr Kluge believes passionately in biological dentistry and has always incorporated the safest possible ways to remove amalgam from the whole system, into her dental practice. Consequently, clients are best advised to implement the correct diet and supplements before, during and after removal of amalgam.

Payment Plan

We offer an interest free payment plan which makes the cost of dental treatment easier for you to manage by breaking payments up over a period of time. Simple application can be done with our friendly receptionist when you arrive to your appointment.  

About us

At Pacific Biological Dentistry we believe passionately in Oral Health and our service focuses on achieving wellbeing for all our patients. Dr Kluge works in conjunction with patient education and dental treatment that will be carefully chosen to address their needs.

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Disclaimer And Disclosure

As an advocate of natural medicine and nutritional health, Dr Kluge’s philosophy is to recognise the connection between the health of the oral cavity and treatment of such, and the health of the body generally, and vice versa. Consistent with this understanding and conviction, many of the principles and opinions set out on the website for Pacific Biological Dentistry draw upon the conclusions and philosophy of the nutrition and natural health disciplines.

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Disclaimer of Online Information

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